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Welcome! This website was created on 30 May 2014 and last updated on 26 May 2019. The family trees on this site contain 26386 relatives and 50 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.


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About HEATH of Staffs
Welcome to this revised family-tree which was previously known as 'Horton Heath's'. The 
previous one crashed for no apparent reason in May 2014 which has led to this replacement. It 
It is the culmination of decades of hard work, not just by myself but many other HEATH researchers 
around the world. In Staffordshire in particular, I must mention Mrs Mel MYATT & 
Mr Harry BURN who made countless contributions to this database... To these & many other people 
around the world I can only offer my deepest gratitude. This site is/was never intended to be 
used for profit or publication but started from a chance comment by Donald HEATH, (my father's 
cousin),who stated of the HEATH's: "You'll never sort them out, too complicated & too many". he was 
right of course, but we are making progress...I was pleased to say Don saw the results of our work 
before he sadly died in Feb 2015 at 92yrs.

One thing to bear in mind when looking at the Birth dates - these are invariably also the
Baptism dates which I know isn't correct, but with this many folk; dates can sometimes be the only 
way of separating people with identical names. In a similar vein - the dates for the
Birth/Marriages; if only the month is given - this invariably means that 'Quarter', starting 
with that month for the given year.
Some of this work is more of the Hit & Hope variety & can only be corrected after liasing with 
a direct relative who has first hand knowledge, my thoughts are that unless it is written down 
in the first place; you can't begin to unravel the many family connections which is why I've 
sometimes had to set out complete generations of a family in order to understand just a single 
marriage & its consequences further down the line where cousins have intermarried as 
well...hence that is why you get several different HEATH=HEATH's on this tree. Some of the very, 
very early HEATH lines are also arguable & subject to discussion, hence where uncertainty lies; 
this is hopefully made clear.

There are also some 'Stray' HEATH's on here, for which I'd worked a part pedigree out & then
realised that although probably buried in & around the area, weren't actually connected to the
Horton line. Hopefully this may be rectified in the future. 

There are also some local gentry to Leek & surrounding area's, whose names kept cropping up on 
my travels...

You can also see more pics / info on Harry BURN's excellent site: which is well worth a visit & runs in tandem with this 

19th Oct 2016 - Following consultation with my fellow researchers mentioned above; From today 
all 'Living' relatives will no longer be visible, even to 'Full' members of this site because of 
security/privacy concerns. For further info re these & other matters please contact Admin.
5th Jun 2018 - following a further discussion with my fellow researchers, this tree is now 
available to view for guests only - all others can contact me for permission as above procedure.
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Getting Around
There are several ways to browse the family tree. The Tree View graphically shows the relationship of selected person to their kin. The Family View shows the person you have selected in the center, with his/her photo on the left and notes on the right. Above are the father and mother and below are the children. The Ancestor Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph above and children below. On the right are the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The Descendant Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph and parents below. On the right are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Do you know who your second cousins are? Try the Kinship Relationships Tool. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. You can select a name from the list on the top-right menu bar.

In addition to the charts and reports you have Photo Albums, the Events list and the Relationships tool. Family photographs are organized in the Photo Index. Each Album's photographs are accompanied by a caption. To enlarge a photograph just click on it. Keep up with the family birthdays and anniversaries in the Events list. Birthdays and Anniversaries of living persons are listed by month. Want to know how you are related to anybody ? Check out the Relationships tool.

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